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When will my order arrive?

While we pride ourselves on having fast service, please remember we are a small, family business providing 100% personalized items made right here in the US. We love shipping your orders fast but please remember the holiday season (October-December) will have longer ship times. Your order will ship within 2-3 weeks and sometimes much sooner. YAY! You will receive an email with a tracking number as soon as it ships.

How do I clean my product?

While these are most definitely dish-washer safe, I personally prefer to hand wash mine using dish soap and rag. Dish washing instructions are included in your package and really just a matter of personal preference. If washing dishes by hand isn't your thing, then stick that baby in the dishwasher. :)

Are your products made of melamine?

NO! After much research, I don't trust melamine to hold my children's food and you shouldn't either. Our products are made from a composite polymer that's heat safe, meaning no nasty chemicals are going to leech into your food. In fact, our product is OVEN SAFE (300 degrees for 90 mins!)

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