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Having a personalized plate business has been a dream of mine for 5+ years. After getting serious about starting this business up, I began researching where to buy melamine plates so I could begin personalizing them. What I didn't expect to find is information that lead me to a screeching haul - Melamine has some serious issues when it comes to harmful chemicals (such as containing formaldehyde!). I couldn't start a plate business if I didn't even trust these plates for my own children to eat off of. 

Luckily I found the best of both worlds, a plate producer here in the USA that produces a safe alternative to melamine plates. Their ThermoSāf ® technology allows these plates to be microwaved or put into a conventional or convection oven. Btw, microwaving melamine is a big no-no because of the formaldehyde leeching into the food!

These plates are FDA, NSF and EU approved for food contact.  They may be safely washed in a home or commercial dishwasher and can be placed in 300 degree oven for up to 90 minutes directly from the freezer.  But the most important difference between our dinnerware and any other plastic dinnerware products on the market is that our products contain no harmful chemicals - such as formaldehyde, BPAs or DEHPs.  And, we are so proud to say that our products are all 100% made in the USA. Woohoo!

My 3 children eat off these plates 3 times a day and I can feel good knowing that not only are these plates adorable but also they aren't putting harmful chemicals into their growing bodies which is my primary concern as a parent.

Best of all, our prices are competitive with other companies selling the melamine version so you're not paying more for our better quality plates. 

See for yourself the difference The Personalized Plate has to offer!

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